Videos and Powerpoint

Powerpoint slides

This is a set of Powerpoint slides which can be used to explain some aspects of Cap & Share. You are welcome to use some or all of them in your own presentations.

We have found that diagrams are one of the best ways to explain how C&S works. It's easy to explain in words the essence of C&S, but once people are trying to understand how C&S compares with PCAs, how C&S can dovetail with an ETS, and how electricity is treated, then simple diagrams are invaluable.

  Cap & Share diagrams (Powerpoint slides)

This is the printable version of the set of Powerpoint slides. This is also a Powerpoint file, but formatted so that you can print it out as a dozen portrait A4 pages.

  Cap & Share diagrams (printable version)


YouTube videos

  1. C&S would simultaneously control emissions and boost equality. Of course, the prospect of cutting out all the financial middle-men does not appeal to everyone ...

    Watch the video on YouTube here.

  2. There is a lively 50 second video by Brendon Patrick Callery explaining C&S for Canada here.




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