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Broken Vows: the Effect of the Pandemic on Marriage

Divorce rates have seen an unexpected rise during the pandemic. Experts believe that the peak of this phenomenon is yet to be achieved. While most relationships will find an eventual end, marriages should have been a different matter altogether.

The sudden outbreak of a global pandemic rocked the cores of many married couples. Relationship counseling surged, especially for those who truly wanted to make an effort to retrieve their lost flame. Sadly, some marriages were not able to survive through the devastating crisis.

Processing the Separation

Getting a divorce is never going to be easy. This becomes all the more true in the midst of a global pandemic. Alongside all the stress that goes into dissolving what used to be a happy household, most family courts also opted to limit their operations.

Straighten Out the Details

For the most part, couples need not appear in court if their divorce remains uncontested. If the concerned parties can resolve their issues and reach an agreement, judges will usually be more willing to sign divorce orders without much hassle.

When spouses cannot settle their disputes, this is when the need for a family law attorney arises. The losses to be endured will surely be severe during these circumstances. Hiring a mediator is highly advisable to serve as a neutral party that will facilitate discussions.

How the assets will be shared or split between the parties should be worked out and notarized. If the couple has a child or children, custody and parenting agreements should also be established in court. Having the necessary tools and people to assist with these situations is a must.

Divorce Proceedings Through Screens

Many legal hearings have transitioned to videoconferencing platforms in light of the restrictions of the pandemic. How divorce proceedings are being done is no different. In fact, many have observed that this method allows for a faster and more efficient process.

While physical interactions are eliminated by going virtual, the emotional toll that separation can take is still very much present. There are still a lot of uncertainties surrounding the pandemic that spouses often get anxious about. Litigators have seen some of the most hysterical behaviors from divorce proceedings leading to virtual and even in-person fights.

Handling the Aftermath

In the end, having empathy for the other party should be the best-case scenario for people looking to end their marriage. Most times, however, this is not always attained. This is why mediation is also an essential part of the process.

Going through individual counseling during and even after the divorce should also be beneficial. Handling the psychological and emotional trauma that this event can bring will be difficult, especially on top of the global pandemic. This should be a top priority for spouses, especially if children are involved.

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Exacerbated Differences

Countless relationships became more complicated when the global pandemic hit. Still, many people wondered whether getting out of a relationship during these trying times would be the best way forward. Deciding to separate from marriage was certainly not an easy choice, but many factors can be attributed to the rise in divorce rates.

Destruction of Routines

Many couples thought that the shelter-in-place orders that were implemented would allow them to spend more quality time together. While this is true, it also prompted a major shift towards household dynamics. This made coping with the pandemic more difficult. Mental health became a priority.

Relationship experts believe that the pandemic took away established habits that fostered comfort and stability for couples. The breakdown of this rhythm leaves limited options for partners to seek other forms of support outside of their own relationships, causing strain that is often left unchecked or repressed.

Abusive Partners

Tough as it is to admit, marriages aren’t always perfect. Arguments happen between partners that may sometimes lead to some form of physical or emotional damage. This is the terrible reality for some people who were trapped with an abusive spouse.

For others, the global pandemic outbreak became an excuse for them to stay in a bad relationship. On the other hand, some were able to finally find the courage to say enough is enough. COVID-19 became an eye-opening experience for a lot of people. It exposed the flaws their partners had and made them realize how they were being mistreated.

Economic Strains

The constant threat of mass unemployment became a trigger for most married couples to get a divorce. Financial weight became much more apparent as the realities of job loss, housing troubles, and other costs worsened.

Despite work-from-home arrangements being available, the pandemic hit various industries disproportionately. Not having enough economic security will most likely lead to marital instability as well. This increased the likelihood of anxieties manifesting through anger and frustration.

Ultimately, going through the process of divorce is also a matter of prioritizing your own well-being. It’s not just a selfish act that a partner does on a whim. While it can often be an unfortunate occurrence, focusing on what’s best for all parties should also be considered, especially with children.

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