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How to Get On the Fast Track to Career Progression

Once people earn their bachelor’s degrees after college, they often think it’s the end of their educational path unless they enroll in a master’s or a doctorate program. And while that is true, they should know that there are other ways to continue learning throughout their lives.

Applying to postgraduate programs can be difficult, especially because it can come at a high cost that not many people can afford. Furthermore, it can be hard to balance earning a postgraduate degree while having responsibilities at work and at home.

This is why most people aren’t inclined to further their studies, even if doing so can advance their careers. Even though there are postgraduate degree options for working full-time professionals, the choice is still a privilege that not everyone has.

That is, until the birth of work-study programs. These programs allow their students to work and experience full-time employees’ benefits while providing them with the chance to earn certified diploma courses. Discover what you could have if you become a student under this program.

Career Advancement

One of the best reasons to continuously learn about your chosen field and hone your skills is because it can help advance your career. Having a bachelor’s degree can only take you so far before the playing field is leveled with all the other people trying to compete against you.

But if you go the extra mile to upgrade your skills and further your education, you can be a force to be reckoned with. All the skills and knowledge that you can get from entering this program can propel you towards success if you let it.

You can learn from the greatest names in your field and get first-hand experience in your chosen career while simultaneously applying this knowledge in training. This way, you will be able to fast-track your career and be on a steady path up the professional ladder.

Stable Income and Benefits

There comes a time in every person’s life when they want to provide for themselves and their families. That’s why most people grab at the opportunity to become employed at the first chance they get because it brings a sense of relief that comes with financial stability and job security.

This is also why many people don’t consider earning a postgraduate degree because if they are studying, they won’t be making a living. Oftentimes, these two endeavors can seem mutually exclusive because people think they can’t work and study simultaneously.

However, by entering such programs, you can earn a monthly salary and enjoy regular employee benefits as you’re continuously honing your skills. You can get valuable education without worrying about making a living because you’re already doing them both.

Training and Work Experience

In college, most students learn about the theoretical aspects of their chosen field and what concepts were birthed from these theories. Only when they go out into the real world do they have the opportunity to apply what they learned inside the classrooms during those four years.

Of course, there are on-the-job training and internships for students to undergo before getting their bachelor’s degrees, but not all schools require their students to do so. This leaves a big experience gap between those who have ample training from those who have none.

Having work experience is important because it shows that people won’t be desperately trying to find their way in the dark and instead can provide apt solutions to their problems. Undergoing such programs that can provide you with training and experience as you’re learning is a great way to prepare yourself for the industry.

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How Do You Begin Your Work-Study Journey?

The first step to creating your career path is always to identify what you want to do in your life. This is an important part of the process because it sets the tone for the kind of journey you will have for the rest of your life.

When you’ve chosen the industry you want to belong in and identified what positions you find interesting, the next step will be to prepare your resume. Of course, you will have to apply for this program, just like what you did in college and how you take on employment opportunities.

After you have been shortlisted for the position and program, you will undergo a series of interviews to make your case about why the company should take a chance on you. This is the time to pull all your cards and show them that they need you just as much as you need them.

Once you have gone through the entire application process, you can finally become a full-time employee and student in the pursuit of knowledge. It can be exhausting to juggle these two aspects at first, but if you put your mind to the task, you can do anything you want to achieve.

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