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Dos and Don’ts When Getting Involved in a Vehicular Accident

Getting involved in any vehicular accident can be traumatizing. Most of the time, people are not certain what to do. Others usually lose their temper, which can make things even worse. In case you get involved in an accident, it is important to keep your composure. And do not forget to check everyone’s safety. Here are some more dos and don’ts after a car accident:

DO: Call or wait for the authorities.

The first thing you need to do is inform the authorities. Wait for them to do the investigation and file a police report. Explain to them what happened, but be careful with statements that could be used against you. You should also take some photos or record a video to document the scene.

DON’T:  Apologize or admit fault to anyone.

As mentioned, you need to be careful when giving statements to anyone. Even when the other party blames you for the damages, do not apologize. Be subtle, or even better, avoid arguments. Keep in mind that no one is in the position to say who’s at fault. The moment you apologize or admit anything, they can use it against you. So, let the experts or authorities make the decision.

DO: Seek medical attendance.

The best thing you can do is to check everyone’s safety. Call the ambulance right away for medical assistance. Make sure everyone is stable until the medical attendants arrive. It is also advisable to get yourself checked even if you don’t feel any injuries. Some medical issues like whiplash may not show any symptoms right away.

DON’T: Move anyone unconscious or badly hurt.

In case someone is unconscious or badly hurt, wait for the medical professionals to arrive. You might be causing more damage when you move them. Secure the scene and keep talking to them, if possible.

DO: Get information from witnesses.

If possible, talk to other witnesses and get their contact information. Ask them if you can record a video of their statement, as well. As much as possible, document everything before the witnesses leave the scene. The recorded statement should help you in any legal proceedings.

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DON’T: Move the car.

Unless the law or authorities require it, do not move your car after an accident. Again, take photographs and videos for your protection. Remember, law enforcement needs to examine the actual point of impact.

DO: Hire a lawyer.

Whether the accident happened in a suburban area in Houston or along the busy road of Kent, it is imperative to find a seasoned personal injury lawyer. Hire someone you can trust to work in your case. They should help you get fair compensation from the accident.

DON’T: Leave the scene of an accident.

No matter how small the damage is, always wait for law enforcement to arrive. Keep in mind that authorities or the other party may press charges against you for leaving the scene. Wait for them to finish the investigation.

While there’s no way to predict accidents, you can only sustain some damages and even get fair compensation by knowing what to do after a crash. Remember, presence of mind is everything.

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