How Does One Become an Ideal Witness?

Reporters are not just people you see on TV relaying the news. Court reporters are professionals who capture out-of-court statements that can be accepted as evidence or sworn statements in a trial. In Phoenix, court reporting is a service offered by private legal companies. They can assist you when it comes to depositions. If you want to schedule one, just contact them, and you will be given the option to make a video or audio recording of your statement. You should rest easy, knowing that all you say will be captured and documented in an accurate and professional manner.

In addition to hard evidence. If you want to make a case stronger, having a witness can help a lot. But what would be the ideal one?


There is a reason they call it a sworn statement. Your words will be bound to existing laws. If you are found to be giving false statements, that is tantamount to disrespecting justice. It is just right that it has an accompanying penalty. For the state of Arizona, you would be given a maximum sentence of 3.75 years imprisonment for committing perjury, which is classified as a class 4 felony. If this does not bother you, your conscience should. When you are not truthful, you may be denying a victim the justice they deserve. The ideal witness knows that not only will the truth set them free, but it will also help the aggrieved parties achieve victory.


If you are a witness, you need to make sure that you are a credible person. Credibility can be tied to consistency. You may stick with your statements, but there could be times when you can switch views or opinions on certain matters. To be a credible witness, you need to be holistic in how you approach the case. You need to watch what you say in person and online.


For example, if you are testifying against a person involved in reckless driving, you should be an example of someone who practices road safety. If you are seen on social media or in public driving at high speed or being an irresponsible motorist in general, your credibility will be questioned. Even though you may be saying the truth, the jury might still perceive you to be someone that cannot be trusted due to your actions. This could lessen the chances of the deserving party winning the case.

No Questionable Motive

You should know your purpose when you volunteer as a witness. You have to do it in service of helping someone get the justice they deserve. If you have even the slightest selfish motive, people may find that out. You have to let everyone know that there is no conflict of interest in you taking up the witness stand. This means that after all this is said and done, you stand to gain nothing whether the case is won or not.

Being a witness is an obligation to the law. They say that justice is blind. Use your role to be its eyes and also to lead the victims to the light at the end of the tunnel.

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