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This is What Happens to Your Family When You Work Too Much

Single people have the luxury of time. You can wake up late on the weekends because you run on your own schedule, and there is no one relying on you to fix their breakfast or get them out of bed. You can even stay in bed all day or do random activities to pass the time. When you’re married, however, all this freedom tends to be on a leash.

The weight of having a family to support financially might take its toll on you and lead to you working too much. You might think that you’re a responsible parent for doing that, but maybe these are starting to happen in your life:

Your Family Starts to Feel Distant

It is not uncommon for families in Albuquerque to find themselves facing family lawyers with the spouse they thought they would spend the rest of their life with. Alienation can be a lonely problem, and it can certainly lead to unhappiness in a relationship. If your spouse feels neglected, they might turn to someone else for attention, which only makes solving the marital issue harder. The presence of a third party might guarantee the end of the family you once thought you’d have forever.

Even your children might start to feel distant and keep secrets from you. When they think that their parents do not pay attention to them, they might seek attention somewhere else, and they are at risk of running with the wrong crowd. Your parental supervision is crucial, so no matter how busy you are, always leave room for your children.

You Start to Forget Your Needs

Prioritizing work does not mean you are automatically responsible. When your supervisor expects you to go above and beyond, and you blur the lines between work and personal matters, it also becomes hard to remember that you have your own needs to take care of. You might not be getting enough sleep. You might be eating junk food because they are accessible. You might not be giving yourself a break from all the stress. These can only spell bad things for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

You Get Closer to Burnout


When you fill yourself with work-related stress and leave no room to rest and recharge, you are turning yourself into a ticking timebomb. Imagine yourself as a rubber band ready to snap. And it could be the simplest things that could eventually set you off. One small comment or one wrong move from someone else might lead to you overreacting, but it’s not an overreaction. It’s your body finally having no room to keep all the stress in and needing to explode.

When you release this anger on your family, friends, or even colleagues, the fallout might be significant and even irreversible. The isolation you find yourself in afterward will only make you feel miserable about your life.

There needs to be a line separating your work schedule and your time with family or friends. This is especially important when you’re married because when you let work become life, soon it can be the only life you have.

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