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Passing On: What You Need to Do When a Loved One Dies

Death is inevitable, and your loved ones will pass on someday. If you are a close family member, you might even be the one that has to handle their passing. There are a few things that you need to do when a loved one dies. These can range from legal duties to emotional ones. Here is a quick list of what needs handling to ensure that your loved one passes on properly.

Get a Legal Pronouncement of Death

If you are present when a loved one passes on, you will need to ensure they are legally pronounced as dead. A doctor is necessary for this, and most of the time, this is simple. However, if there are no doctors nearby, you will need to take steps. Contact the authorities so that paramedics can come and take your loved one’s body to the emergency room. A formal announcement can be made on death there.

Contact the Right People

Most people die with their loved ones around them. But they are not the only ones that need to know that a person has died. If the immediate family knows, it would be best to notify the other relatives. You should also contact close friends and acquaintances who need to know. For example, if the deceased worked, you need to inform their coworkers of the situation. Additionally, you might want to publish a formal obituary to ensure that you missed no one.

Organize the Funeral

The primary duty that you will have is to ensure the proper interment of the deceased’s remains. Most people have a specific way they prefer. Most of the time, it is a cemetery burial, but cremation is also possible. Consult with others about what the deceased’s wishes might have been. Follow them as an act of respect. Finally, ensure that there is a proper wake before the burial. It will help with the grieving process.

Handle Their Assets and Liabilities

When someone dies, their assets will need to go to their loved ones. Usually, people will have a will ready to indicate how they want their property divided. If they don’t, you might need to go into probate court to ensure that everyone gets what they deserve. You might also need to pay off any outstanding debts and taxes, so be ready with the expenses.

Be Ready to Fight for Compensation

Sometimes, a loved one passes on not because of natural reasons. Accidents can happen to anyone, but some of them can be preventable. Whether it is at work or somewhere else, you might need to fight for proper compensation from the responsible parties. If you need to file a lawsuit, you should look for a wrongful death lawyer in Long Beach and other nearby areas. You may need to gather evidence and the like, so consult with the attorney on what you should be doing to get what you deserve.

Settling Everything

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When a loved one dies, you need to ensure many things are done correctly. Death often leaves people with some unfinished business. The list above ensures that your loved one will have nothing to worry about in their afterlife. Go through the list to help them rest in peace.

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