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Solving Homelessness One Step at a Time

The unified charity has been one of the most significant yet continuously ignored aspects among all the core values that this country was built upon. Even before the global pandemic’s devastating impacts on the country, there were already 161,548 accounted people experiencing homelessness in California alone. With the effects of the pandemic in the economic state of the U.S., it was not surprising that the overall number of homeless people increased exponentially over the last year.

And even though it is often rightfully perceived as a government issue, there are still many ways an individual like you can help these people find security, comfort, and hope. With these six simple ways, you can help people experiencing homelessness live better lives.

Donate goods

It’s understandable if helping others in monetary ways is not that feasible at the moment. Almost everyone is experiencing financial troubles due to the coronavirus outbreak. But that doesn’t mean it ends there.

One of the most practical ways to lend a helping hand is by donating in kind. There will always be a demand for new and used clothes, especially with the incoming winter. Sock, no matter how mundane and simple they may seem, is actually a luxury that some people don’t have. Donations of personal hygiene kits have also increased in significance due to the pandemic.

Try volunteering

One of the best love languages you can spread throughout the world is the act of service. If you want to truly understand and empathize, then nothing beats immersing yourself in the situation.

You can always volunteer in soup kitchens and shelters. Whether you’re good at administrative tasks or physical labor, there is always an avenue for you to show your compassion. You can take shifts at local shelters as a tutor for kids and teenagers. You can contribute by washing dishes and serving food. The point is that every droplet of sweat counts.

Use your marketing skills to reinforce humanitarian projects

As stated above, whatever skills you have can be used in many ways. There are different specific causes you can contribute to and there are hundreds of projects and organizations you can join.

If you have a knack for marketing and you have the connections to back it up, asking for help from different big companies can be a great way to reinforce humanitarian goals. Companies such as Banner Solutions can provide hardware materials that you can use in projects similar to habitat for humanity. UnitedHealth has been known for its housing initiatives. Phoenix Woodworking has made it easier for underprivileged families to have stable income generation.

There are many private clinics and public hospitals that would be willing to help provide free medical assistance. Even small business owners can be asked to provide support during these trying times. If you can be the voice of those in need, that would increase the chance of them getting heard.

Spearhead or participate in fundraising activities

This one is simple enough for anyone to understand. Even a dollar could go a long way. But even if you are short on budget, there are still ways you can contribute without having to shell out. With the immense traffic in social media right now, it won’t be too difficult to find people who can help on a global scale.

Epic Change is one of the perfect examples of this. Within 48 hours, this American nonprofit was able to raise more than $11,000 through Twitter. The money accumulated over their #Tweetsgiving back in 2017 was used to build classrooms in Tanzania.

Through social media, a post that goes viral could lead to the heart-warming financial and emotional support that you can use to make lives better.

Spread awareness

Speaking of social media, raising awareness regarding multiple humanitarian causes has never been easier. Homelessness is a solvable problem and the best way to find solutions for it is through shedding light on the societal issues that serve as its roots. Raising awareness and educating people, especially the youth, will also lead to not only a sympathetic but long-lasting solution.

Be politically active and choose nation leaders wisely

It all boils down to proper governance. The underlying causes of the increase in homelessness can be narrowed down to a lack of initiative in making the system better. And even though most people would think that they have no say in such matters. You are actually in control.

Albeit a long ride, the journey towards rebuilding a just and equal nation is possible if everyone fulfills their responsibilities as a citizen and actively participates in the selection of local and national leaders. Remember that political stances mirror life values. Something as simple as writing a name on the ballot can do wonders in a decade.

Helping one another is embedded in all cultures of humanity. Mankind has progressed the way it did due to people unifying forces to solve every problem they’ve encountered. Going the extra mile and helping those who are facing problems that you’re not experiencing is the only way for humanity to move forwards.

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